The other beast and his very own beauty || bea…

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We all know the story of how Belle fell in love with a beast who was a prince in disguise well this is a totally different tale of another beast and his very own beauty. Meet prince Alexander the twin brother of Adam however he is more kind and pure hearted then his twin brother although when a old beggar woman interrupts their grand ball room party for shelter from the bitter frost winter blizzard. Adam dismisses her and she only offers two roses one of them is the colour of pink and the other is the colour of black.

Yet Alexander… decides to give the poor old woman a chance but however under different circumstance his twin brother once again dismisses the old beggar woman and throws the two roses onto the floor. And sadly they and the castle staff were cursed until Adam can learn to love another then she offers her love in return then the spell will be broken if not then they would remain beasts and objects for all of time.

Words: 2703, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

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