Season 2: Kidnapped

In a panic
Caherine calls JT to track Vincent. But that’s not necessary. Gabe and Tess have
been surveilling her apartment. Catherine finds this outrageous but they can
only hack into other cameras, not the ones near her! While  she talking to both Gabe and Tess  tries to get rid of them in her conversation
with JT. Unfortunately for her, she hasn’t mastered putting people on hold and
lets slip to Gabe that she wants Vincent to get away. She hangs up, Gabe is sad
by her lack of co-operation, Tess is wryly amused because she always kind of
is. Vincent, after he gets on a cab, starts heading towards Rikers Island’s

JT: « Maybe you should call Tess for backup.»

CAT :« Right now, Tess means Gabe, and that’s not the kind of backup I need. And
your best friend, Vincent, doesn’t either.»