Season 2: Kidnapped

and the Beast


Title: Kidnapped

Story by: Jennifer
Levin & Sherri Cooper/
Director: Rick Bota

Original Airdate in US: October 14,
2013/ Network: The CW

“Kidnapped” was aired
in Italy on July 3, 2014/Network: RAI 2

Kidnapped is the second episode of the Second Season, and the twenty-fourth episode

“Kidnapped” is a fun, romantic and sexy episode of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. While
the NYPD at large continues its investigation of the Zhao murder, Gabe, Tess,
JT and Cat pull together for Vincent, to varying degrees of success, although
each with an agenda.  Tess just wants to
protect Cat;
JT wants to protect Vincent; Cat wants to spend time with Vincent
so he can get his memory back;
Gabe wants to hold and assess Vincent, since he
seems more dangerous.
The Zhao killing was more brutal than we’ve seen from
Vincent in the past, and his MO is now different.  Whereas before Vincent used violence
reactively to defend the helpless, now Vincent appears to be proactively
seeking vengeance.  Despite his increased
violence, however, Cat adamantly avers that Vincent would never hurt her. We can
notice that new Vincent  isn’t shy or
afraid of putting things out there like old Vincent.