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Oh shoot! I didn’t see the Act 3 and I thought something had turned our baby boy back into a beast! *clutches heart*

Haha, no, he’s OK! Lots and lots and LOTS of adjusting to do, but he’s fine and he has a heart and isn’t cursed by anything other than severe PTSD.



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Years of abuse have left Belle empty; years of solitude have left the Beast hopeless. But while it’s far too late to break the curse, it isn’t too late to heal. And it’s never too late to find the one who’s been waiting for you.

Words: 949, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://bit.ly/2IH9Zcy

iida and the beast

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this is a mha-beauty and the beast cross-over. i’m going to do hercules and little mermaid too.

belle- trans iida
gaston- monoma
lefou- mineta
beast- bakugou
lumier- yuuga
coggsworth- todoroki
featherduster- ojiro
Chef Bouche- shinsou
madame garderobe- momo
cadenza- jiro
maurice- tensei
mrs. potts- kendou
chip- deku

Words: 112, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://bit.ly/2IRtDBG

Cat runs out and leaves Tess alone to deal wit…

Cat runs out and leaves Tess
alone to deal with Heather’s breakdown, Beth’s nosiness and fireman Franz… This
scene was kind of priceless. Look at Tess’ face …She feels uncomfortable in
front of the stripper! …and her line? Great, really great.




Not the best quality but she’s my bb

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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Heather refuses to corroborate the story about
her abduction. I can get that Heather
wanted to have a stress-free party… but denying was a little bit much!
There are people’s lives at risk! I sympathize with the fact that she’s been
traumatized, but when Heather kept putting this off in favor of organizing her
bachelorette party (for her not at all rushed wedding to the invisible fiancé),
it was a little hard to take.  

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Meanwhile, Cat gets a call
from agent Knox to inform her Vincent escaped
from his cell. Cat tells Knox that it cannot be true, but he says he
called to check on him and he was not there. Cat knows something is up and that
Gabe must be involved.

Vincent’s gone. Someone must have seen that press conference and had him taken.

We’ve been so focused on killing Beth’s story, we forgot that people are still after the beast.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

At Heather bachelorette party (even though she has yet to set a wedding
date), Catherine and Tess try to convince Beth
that Gabe is just a jealous ex who came up with the most convoluted
story to get rid of his competition. It’s a really weak excuse and Beth knows
it. And she is  putting it all together,
Catherine’s beast rescue, Zach, etc etc. Tess ends up telling Beth that Gabe is
so psychotic, he kidnapped Heather.