Season 1: Never Turn Back

Gabe locks Catherine in a cell, apparently one he used to be
locked in. It’s metal reinforced walls are covered in marks where little Beast
Gabe tried to fight his way out when he was a child.😡😱

Season 1: Never Turn Back

Gabe takes Cat to his huge creepy mansion in the
countryside. Catherine vaguely remembers being there before, when she was a
child. So, Vanessa brought her small daughter to play with the kid that turned
into an uncontrollable little Beast!
😯🤔 Catherine tries to convince Gabe that
Vincent is being cured by one pill. Gabe doesn’t buy it. Some speeches about
giving up all their power and abilities for love and happiness and then through
the secret door up the secret staircase to a secret lab with a doctor who warns
him how the delay is the procedure more difficult. He calls Vincent and demands
he shows up within the hour.

Season 1: Never Turn Back

Speaking of Reynolds, he is at Gabe’s apartment along with
his assistant. We find out that REYNOLDS is after Gabe and they are planning to
catch him. He tells a henchman to find Lowen now that they know he is alive and
to find out who destroyed the lab and why. He is determined that Gabe won’t
“slip through his fingers again.”

Season 1: Never Turn Back

The iPad is on and there is an e-mail with a picture of
AGENT REYNOLDS and the subject line “Arrived back in the country yesterday” The
e-mail is from the US Department of Homeland Security. It’s all a mystery at
this point.😱😱

Tess tracks down a techno geek to help her tur…

Tess tracks down a techno geek to help her turn Mr.
Chandler’s iPad ON. The geek uses his advanced knowledge of technology and
bangs the iPad against the table to turn it on.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Season 1: Never Turn Back

Tyler gets back to her little lab and finds the mess JT
left. She calls Gabe and warns him that JT Forbes totally ruined their plans!
Gabe tells her to get new equipment because he’s going to force Vincent by
going after his weakness: Catherine
. Which is why, when she gets in her car,
Gabe is in the back seat with a gun pointed at her.

Season 1: Never Turn Back

At the
precinct, Cat shows up with her dad’s busted notebook in hand, hoping some
valuable clue to her father’s accident can be found. Tess gives her the best
kind of talking-to that a girlfriend can give. It’s kind, but truthful, firm
and supportive, and she urges Cat to return to the hospital.

sumi-illustrator: Some wips of my illustrated …


Some wips of my illustrated version of Beauty and the Beast.

Baby Amsterdam 🎀Submitted by  flowerkidx

Baby Amsterdam 🎀

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With So Much of the Heart

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Adam asks how Mrs Potts first knew she was in love with her husband so long ago. (Takes place during the curse.)

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