Season 2: Till Death


Vincent: “You’re
buying flowers?”

JT: “I almost died last week, so I’m seizing the day, and
you’re deflecting”

Vincent: “For whom?”

JT: “The flowers? Tess”

Vincent: “Tess?
Really? From “Your Secret Admirer.” Whoa. Way to seize, buddy, way to

Vincent is clearly just thinking about Catheri…

Vincent is clearly just thinking about Catherine and not just mourning

Season 2: Till Death

At the houseboat Vincent wallows… in his
fluffy robe. He is mourning the loss of Tori, and JT wants to shake him
out of it. I love that the bromance is back between JT & Vincent:  Bromance At Its Finest.

Season 2: Till Death


On leaving new boss’ office,Cat and Tess talking about
Captain Bottom Line’s” ultimatum: they need to get more cases closed
or get fired. Cat has too much dramas in
her life to worry about  her precarious
job situation, but Tess takes it pretty hard. Cat’s solution is to call Vincent
and ask him to take care of the Tony Barnes case so they can focus on the NYPD
Cat also thinks it would be a good way to “distract Vincent”… Tess
accidentally let it slip that she had done ‘something’ at Thanksgiving, but
because Cat has been so busy with her own issues, she still has not figured out
that Tess and JT have some sort of thing going on. Then Cat brings up her odd
little flashback which rather chills the mood. Vincent’s not picking up
Catherine’s call.

Catherine: “Maybe he needs to be distracted”

Tess: “Yeah, but you
won’t be distracted by him, right?”

Catherine:” By Vincent? Tess, no. I’m with Gabe”

Tess: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. “With Gabe”? You haven’t even had s*x yet”

Catherine: “We haven’t had time”

Tess: “Time? To have s*x? Please”

Catherine: “Okay,
this morning, I had a flash of him”

Tess: “Naked?”

Catherine: “As a beast.
Valentine’s will be different. We’ll be in a restaurant…”

Tess:” You realize
I’ve had zero action since Thanksgiving?”

Catherine:” Wait. Who
were you with on Thanksgiving?”

Tess:” Uh… no one. Nothing. Doesn’t even

Season 2: Till Death

New Boss,Captain Ward,is pretty unpleasant but he seems like he really wants
to get the 125th Precinct back in order. I kind of like how there’s now a
character that doesn’t know anything about beasts. But he has a little chart
that for police detectives it’s a horrifyingly bad idea. He also throws in some
sexism that doesn’t even come close to being professional. So Cat and Tess  can’t really work on the case of the hunt for
the real Tony Barnes  directly, since
their new boss is giving them a hard time for closing so few cases over the
past year.

Season 2: Till Death

Cat confronts Sam about the secret room  but he knows nothing of a cave under the
cell. Dana wants to find the link between Tony Barnes and Frank Darnell but she
is busy planning their vows renewal ceremony over a sumptuous breakfast. Sam
invites Cat to the party on the following Saturday, which happens to be
“Valentine’s day”. She is vaguely horrified when she realizes she inadvertently
agreed to spend Valentine’s with Gabe. Sam was DEFINITELY quick to try and
throw Catherine off by saying it’s a sewer line. If I was trapped for five
years in a dungeon and, after all that time, I find out that there’s a room
underneath the room I’ve been in, I would want to learn more about it and
not  dismiss it. He also invites too
enthusiastically Cat  to renewal ceremony
and that sounds a bit suspicious to me.

Season 2: Till Death

In the midst of her flashbacks, Cat gets so nervous and
anxiously spills her coffee  into a crack
in the ground.The dripping sound coming from the other side implies that
there’s some kind of cave hidden underneath. So, looks like there is a secret
chamber below the secret underground dungeon…



Some of my recent pieces from my gothic “Beauty and the Beast” retelling 🥀 



Les Jardins du Palais-Royal, France~ victoriachmel

I work at Target and have seen someone but you…

I work at Target and have seen someone but your stuff as o nearly geeked out. Btw, love your comic. Been reading for… I don't know how long. Haha.

Oh man that’s awesome! I will have to get my publisher to send me some copies and see if I can get some to stock at conventions. Thank you for following BATB for so long <3